Tube Jerk & Ben Long

Tim Wright/ Tube Jerk – Bio

Tim Wright seems capable of turning his hand to just about anything. From techno, electro, garage, hip hop, punk and beyond this York based multi-genre-ist fuses sounds and styles like a musical magpie with a taste for circuit boards and gold-plated plugs.

Coming to the attention of novamute through a reworking of Cristian Vogel’s Whipaspank, it wasn’t long before the London based label offered Wright the opportunity to explore the musical irections in which he was heading. Tim has also released material on ILL records and dave Tarrida’s Sativae imprint under the name ‘Tube Jerk’. As Tim Wright continues to experiment and mesh genres into intoxicating new hybrids from his York based studio, we wait with baited breath as to which destination his unclassifiable sound will take us to next.

Ben Long – Bio

Within the techno genre, many claim to have been influenced by the now heavily commercialised hip hop movement. For Ben Long, one half of London ‘s infamous and influential Space DJ’z, this statement comes from within.

Having grown up in the early 1980’s immersing himself totally in the lifestyle of breakdancing and graffiti, his attitudes towards hip hop, and the connections he sees between it and techno were forged, and his beliefs are those of someone who has followed both genres from the underground upwards. When commercialism finally set about popularising hip hop to the masses, Ben turned his focus towards the familiar beats and bass of techno to satisfy his love of electronic music.

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