Laurent Garnier Presents LBS

Disorder teams up with Shift and Badbox to offer you one of the most requested acts at the moment at Numero Uno!

LAURENT GARNIER presents LBS feat. Scan X and Benjamin Rippert / 4 hour set at Numero Uno

The LBS concept – Live Booth Sessions or Loud Bass & Samples – was launched in the autumn of 2010. This concept has a smaller live format consisting of three people: Laurent Garnier (DJ & machines), Benjamin Rippert (keyboards) and Scan X (machines). It offers a new platform for expression and improvisation, playing with Techno, Jazz, House, Dub, Breakbeat and Dubstep. This experimental live music project marries the organic and the electronic, with the flexibility of the DJ and the intensity of the live performance. Specially created to match the feverish atmosphere of a club, LBS work the dance floor into a frenzy with marathon sets. Four hours non-stop! It is a new way for Laurent Garnier to approach the dance floor…in the same spirit of giving…in close physical and emotional contact with the dance floor….as always…it’s is the story of his life.


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