Game Over 2012 – Joey Beltram, Cari Lekebusch, Gayle San, Traversable Wormhole live, Hugo Paixao, Jason Fernandes

After the massive success of the first edition of GAME OVER in February 2011 it’s time to step it up a notch for the second edition with more headliners and bigger venues. Disorder & Shift have been busy all year long once again in 2011 hosting regular nights on small and large scale which have been headlined by some of the leading names in the global scene with every one from PERC, FUNK D’VOID, DJ RUSH AND LAURENT GARNIER FEAT.LBS taking the stand.

Our lineup for GAME OVER 2012 is aimed to combine living legends within electronic music along with emerging names which are making their mark internationally. Joey Beltram, Gayle San, Cari Lekebusch and Oscar Mulero need no introduction as they have been headlining the biggest festivals and packing the best clubs all over the world for years.

Traversable wormhole is the brainchild of New York techno veteran Adam X. His legendary sonic groove record label pretty much put New York on the map for techno in the early 90′s. His traversable wormhole project on Chris Liebing’s CLR imprint took the techno world by storm in 2010 and 2011. Hugo Paixao and Jason Fernandes run the skyline type grooves label along with Cisco Ferreira (The Advent). Over the past few years they have released their music on various labels such as Kombination Reaserch, Naked Lunch and Phobiq. We are proud to introduce them to the Maltese scene and we’re quite sure they will leave their distinctive mark on the event.

Respect to everyone who supports us all year long and makes our objectives possible. Shift & Disorder – KEEPING REAL TECHNO ALIVE.

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