Disorder Easter edition with JEROME SYDENHAM

The New York House legend turned Modern day Techno hero will be back after delivering a legendary set on Christmas eve 2011. We’ve been wanting to book Jerome again ever since and with all his current projects this seems to be the perfect time!

Jerome Has just released his second studio album ‘Animal Social Club’ on his own Ibadan records. In this project Jerome manages to fuse elements of house, dub and techno into an exciting collection of sound which gives us a small insight into Jerome’s wide range of influences over his lengthy career.

His other forthcoming and recent projects include Remixing The Steve Poindexter classic Computer Madness with co-producer Function, Remixing Ben Sims’ Smoke & mirrors album for Drumcode and a new Nagano Kitchen album on Apotek records with his Japanese counterpart Hideo Kobayashi.

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