Disorder 10 year anniversary with Cari Lekebusch + Neil Landstrumm live

The first disorder event was held on the 8th of october of 2000. Just as the 1st year of the new millenium was entering it’s final quarter, something special was happening at Club Numero Uno. NEIL LANDSTRUMM, SURGEON AND REGIS headlined the event, playing out of a fire engine which was artistically transformed into a dj stand!

Since then disorder has always been a leader and innovator in Malta’s underground techno scene and over the past 10 years it has produced memorable events for djs and techno fanatics alike.

For the special night we have confirmed Swedish heavyweight Cari Lekebusch who will be returning to Malta after a 7 year absence! We are also always happy to have Neil Landstrumm playing one of his trademark live sets. Neil is undoubtedly one of the all time favourites with the disorder crowd and it would only be proper to have him back after headlining the very first event!

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