Adam X

In his DJ performances and track production, Adam X’s sound is best described as hard, EBM and industrial inspired dance-floor techno and electro. Adam X penetrates, educates and infuses his audience with a real energy, often drawing from dark and sexual themes, through the mastery of the electronic music medium he has gained from a prolific career.

In his career, Adam X has performed alongside artists such as Aphex Twin, Surgeon and Joey Beltram, and lately, the likes of Terence Fixmer/Douglas Mccarthy and Andrew Weatherall. He’s performed at thousands of events, raves and club nights globally including Mayday, Love Parade, DEMF, and Fabric..

Adam’s list of solo commercial releases and collaborative projects on CD and vinyl is equally impressive. A few of the many labels Adam has released music under are Wax Trax-TVT (Mastermix Series Vol. 2), Instinct Records (Adam X ‘On the 1 and 2’), Oliver Chesler’s Things To Come Label (Sensory Deprivation) and many projects on his own aforementioned label, Sonic Groove.

Fifteen years in, Adam X’s quest of producing, DJing, and releasing music has the same ideology as day one, that ideology being to
continually break new boundaries within electronic music.

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