Disorder Bio

The first disorder event was held on the 8th of october of 2000. Just as the 1st year of the new millenium was entering it’s final quarter, Disorder was running amok at Club Numero Uno. NEIL LANDSTRUMM, SURGEON AND REGIS headlined the event, playing out of a fire engine which was artistically transformed into a dj stand!

Since then disorder has always been a leader and innovator in Malta’s underground electronic music scene and over the past 10 years it has produced memorable events for djs and techno fanatics alike. At a time when techno was past it’s hay day and close to being non existent on the tiny island, disorder along with very few other underground organisations continued to push the sound forward and find new ways to innovate and promote events by booking some of the very best and most in demand djs and live performers from around the globe. Through this the promotion has garnished a reputation of putting quality before quantity and staying true to the underground roots which got the events started in the first place!

Disorder has hosted gone  various clubs and venues, headlined by the likes of Laurent Garnier, Cari Lekebusch, The Advent vs Industrialyzer, Neil Landstrumm, Samuel L Session and many more.

In February 2010 Disorder teamed up with Shift which a promotion synonymous with techno in Malta to launch an ambitious yearly event under the name of ‘GAME OVER’ the first edition was a massive success and the Maltese techno faithful were treated to one of the biggest techno lineups to ever hit the island with 5 of the genre’s biggest names. Disorder aims to continue to host events regularly with it’s aim being to expose emerging talents in global techno and remain true to the genre’s roots at the same time by booking a variety of different artists.

The following artists have headlined Disorder
  • Alexander Robotnick
  • Bas Mooy
  • Cari Lekebusch
  • Chris Finke
  • Cristian Vogel
  • Dave Tarrida
  • David Carretta
  • Electric Indigo
  • Function
  • Eva Casal
  • Gayle San
  • Hugo Paixao
  • I-F
  • Jason Fernandes
  • Jerome Sydenham
  • Jim Masters
  • Joey Beltram
  • Mark Hawkins
    • Miss Djax
    • Neil landstrumm
    • Octave One
    • Oscar Mulero
    • Pacou
    • Paul Kalkbrenner
    • Reeko
    • Regis
    • Samuel L.Session
    • Savas Pascalidis
    • SiBegg
    • Space Djz
    • Steve Rachmad
    • Surgeon
    • The Advent Vs Industrialyzer
    • The Horrorist
    • Tobias Schmidt
    • Traversable Wormhole
    • Tube Jerk